Traditional Ball Haggis

“Quite the best tasting haggis, thank goodness you ship ‘south of the border'”
Judith King | Monday 13 December, 2010

5 Star review

Your haggis are the best by far. Please thank your staff for me,
they certainly have made an excellent product!

Jacqueline Ramsay | Monday 21 April, 2008

5 Star review

Pork Lorne Sausage

“Very easy to cook and very tasty indeed! It feed the family for 3 meals.”
 Ian Brooks | Thursday 09 September, 2010

5 Star review

“Waiting on my second order to arrive, can honestly say both the
square sausage and Black pudding were 1st Class. 10/10″
Joe Allan | Friday 27 August, 2010

5 Star review

“The Best Square Sausage I have ever tasted, the Spices complementing the Meat to perfection.
The ‘Moreish’ combination keeps you coming back, time and time again -Wonderful!”
Alex Connelly | Thursday 05 June, 2008

5 Star review

Rib-Eye Steak

“Fantastic Taste – Fantastic Value
This is Cheaper than the supermarkets Aged Beef and so much better tasting.”
Alex Connelly | Thursday 05 June, 2008

5 Star review

Ayrshire Streaky Bacon

“Some of the finest bacon you’ll ever taste, all well packed and delivered bang on time!”
Ian Brooks | Wednesday 11 June, 2008

5 Star review

“This is the way Bacon used to taste. The way Bacon should taste.
Thank you for giving me, a taste of my childhood back.”
Alex Connelly | Thursday 05 June, 2008

5 Star review

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